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Get seen at the top of the screen with an optimized Google AdWords campaign that targets the right searches for your business.

We help clients develop and implement effective Google AdWords (PPC) campaigns that start bring in new leads fast.  We can also help make sure your website is set up right to be sure these new leads have the best likelihood of actually contacting you for service.

As your PPC Raleigh partner, we’ll help you look at the complete picture of running an effective Google AdWords campaign for your business to create a sustainable stream of inbound leads.  This involves more than just setting up an ad in Google, though, since you want to be sure your website has been set up correctly, and you want to be careful which keywords you pick so you don’t get either too many or too few leads, or pay a lot more than you planned on.


Paid Search Advertising

Google saves the most valuable screen real-estate at the top for paid search results.  We specialize in helping businesses who serve customers in their local area get more leads by being found there!

Keyword Analysis

We’ll help you pick the right keywords for your business based on search volume, cost, and competition, so you get the right results for your current business situation.  You don’t want to pick a low-volume keyword when you need more leads, or generate more inbound leads than you can handle.  We’ll help you grow your campaign in a way that’s right for your business.

Website Optimization

Don’t lose a potential lead by sending them to a website where they might get lost clicking around.  Be sure your landing page is set up to funnel that visitor into contacting you!  Your landing page should be devoid of distractions that might tempt your visitor to start clicking around your website and exploring.  Rather, you want everything on that page to be designed to drive an immediate contact.

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